• Xiaoxuan Dai

    All right, I'm going to be forward with everyone and just state that this is a small breeding log of advice and results that I have obtained over the course of my time while playing this game. Since I am an avid Dragonvale player, I was drawn to this game immediately. The fun designs and the superior animation is definitely its winning point but its neck-breakingly long breeding, planting, evolving, and level-up times are quite laborious and severely detract away from its playability. Fore example, a lot of the monsters have breed times that are greater than 20 hrs and the amount of diamonds you have to pay does not decrement with time so it's really financially unfavorable to the player almost blatantly so. This is why I feel super lucky …

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  • Xiaoxuan Dai

    My Monsters

    May 3, 2012 by Xiaoxuan Dai

    These are just some possible ides for future monsters by yours truly...


    Icefloe Monster

    water/ ice

    The hardy narwhal has been imbued with a powerful magic that allows its drill-like tooth to be as hard as diamond and as cold as ice. These firece creatures have nothing to fear.

    Beach Monster

    water/ earth

    The diligent beach monster is always on the lookout for pretty things to adorn their rocky homes. Just like real hermit crabs, these critters have to constantly change shells as they grow bigger

    Wisp Monster

    fire/ air

    With wings made of pure molten fire, the blazing butterfly can cook an egg with the heat that radiates from its wings. Giving off enough light to mmic the sun, the wisp monster makes an ineffective night light.

    Wind Monster

    air/ cold


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