Are there any breeding combos you want to know about? Here are some!

Breeding combos I have

  1. Fire

  1. 2 Magma
  1. 3 Cinder
  1. 4 Tree
  1. 5 Flower
  1. 6 Flare
  2. 7 Bug
  3. 8 Gratitude


You can only get this Monster by Breeding two Fires together. Luckily, Fire Lions are cheap and don't eat much.


This is easy. Just breed Fire with Earth.


Just keep trying the Magma combo. I always get it on the third try.


Earth with Plant.


Same for Tree, except, swap Fire with Earth. (Fire with Plant)


The two elements that make up this Monster are NOT incompatible. So, what do you think you should do to breed this Monster? Yeah! Fire and Electric!

Bug: This one is Plant and Flower. I got it on my first try. I got it from the breeding combos page on the Tiny Monsters fan site, which has other good breeding combos. Without that site, I would never gotten a Bug Monster.

You better read this nosw, because otherwise, you'll have to wait a whole year! Flower and Tree worked for me! Also, I got it on what I thought was the last day. (the Gratitude Monster stayed in the market for an extra day)

More combos coming soon! (River,Freeze and Pond.)

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