My ideas

Breeding den slot or another den
Mailbox with a heart on one side
Bigger cherry blossom trees
Heart-shaped blobfish
Heart topiary

Other people's ideas

"A new element like a season element and every season is a new monster"
"Special event to send a monster or egg to another player"
"Love bird inspired monster"
"Fire heart monster. Plant hybrid for Valentine's flowers..."
"Monster couple. More food for our time"
"Flamingo+cherry blossom monster"
"A background like sundown with flying hearts instead of clouds."
"A big Marble Statue of a monster holding a bow and arrow with hearts like Cupid!"
"Two different monsters that kiss when they are in the same habitat"
"Couples monster to be born together"
"(crystal + blue rose) white swan which is a water + ice monster, and (chocolate + heart) sloth bear which is a earth only monster, and can evolve into either (earth+shadow) valentine's hater black bear and (earth+air) angel (Eros) teddy bear"
"A sweet heart monster thay produces diamonds to collect instead of coins"
"A habitat where you can put any kind of monster... That would be awesome goes with the friendship and love theme, you know different elements coming together."
"A pink, orange, and yellow sunset with light pink clouds as the background. and a cute pink angel kind of monster like a mix of a Cherub and legendary monster~ all cute and pink and red "
"Storage for items. A red fire fox type monster would be cute"
" Maybe a Heart or Candy Monster! Bunch of different evolutions"
"Cherry blossom air type tree"
"A red and pink heart shaped monster With tiny pink hearts all around it as it evolves and takes 14 hours like the day of valentines it is fire and a electric like when people say spark of love and it could be called valenlove."
"Special decorations that influence the animals closest - a heart sign that shortens breeding time, a "hug your monster" sign that increases the amount of $ a habitat can store. A chocolate sign that decreases the amount of food needed to level by 20%. Especially the last one."
"A new type of food that you can plant and produce large amount of food for shorter time. A love habitat for any element to be able to be in and can hold a large amount of coins."
"Cloud of hearts monster. Animation: Raining Arrows. Name: Lovestorm monster"
"Limited monster base on polar bear/other with chocolate qlaze and color chips (like a donut) or monster base on sheep like candy-floss. Decoration: Valentine tree (seems like a air flower, size like large willow, cost 6,000), Lovely tree (seems like a air flower, size like medium willow, cost 2,000), Sakura tree (seems like air tree with heart-shaped decorations, size like large willow, cost 5,100), Pink Sagebrush (seems like a branch or a bush, size like a flower, cost 750), Gift boxes (seems like heart-shaped boxes and bars of chocolate, size small-medium, cost 0 or 600), and chocolate figures of Air monster, spark and embershade/black ice. Maybe heart herald and "pair of pigeons kite."
"Cupid Monster"

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