Chapter 1.

  • Level up two Light hybrids to lv 10
  • Place the Eldometer on your mountaintop
  • Place a Fire element decoration on your mountaintop
  • Have 10 Fire Hybrid monsters
  • Hatch a Fire-Shadow/Light hybrid or FireLegacy
  • Hatch an Earth/Shadow or Earth/Light hybrid or EarthLegacy
  • Have 12 adult Earth hybrids
  • Have an EarthLegacy OR level up 5 earth hybrids to 10
  • Place the Elder Sensor on your mountaintop
  • Place 3 flower decorations (any flower)
  • Harvest Royal Radishes 5 times
  • Have 14 plant Hybrid adults
  • Quest 8's task is different from the next picture

Chapter 2. Update: As of May 1st, the 3rd quest now requires only 3 of the four Monsters shown in the fourth page of Becky's story. Another update: Q 14/23.

  • Hatch two of the monsters featured in the story
  • Build the 5th mountaintop
  • Have LightLegacy, ShadowLegacy, Windstone and/or Pollen.
  • Clear two medium sized elder trees (Elder Wood).
  • Harvest 5 Golden guavas
  • Collect from farms 10 times
  • Have 1 Mythic of every base element and then hatch any egg.
  • Hatch a Dimspike
  • Have 6 Mythic Adult Ice Hybrids
  • Have an IceLegacy. (alternate) Have 15 Lv 10 Ice Hybrids, then hatch another one.
  • Hatch a Shadow-electric or Light-electric monster
  • Place the Elder Rod on your mountaintop
  • Have 15 adult Electric Hybrids, then hatch another one.
  • Hatch a Flamegust OR Zephyr Monster
  • Level up the Flamegust Monster to Adult
  • Have an Elder Farm on your mountain
  • Collect from your farms twice and also from your Elder Farm
  • Hatch a Mythic Water
  • Place a Scrying Pool
  • Have 15 adult Water Hybrids, then hatch another one
  • Get a Mythic Air monster (if you have one it should be enough)
  • Place 10 air decorations
  • Have 2 Shadow-air or Light-air hybrids

Chapter 3. Still need parts 6-18. However you can check this comment for the rest of the quest until I get the screenshots :).

  • Have a Shadow-Light hybrid.
  • Hatch any of these (just one): Frozenflame, Spitfire, Burst, Shockwave, Luster, Frostember, Darkscale or Lighthorn.
  • Have two mythic shadow and two mythic light hybrids
  • Have four spree monster Adult forms
  • Build Legacy Habitat

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