• Tsukakuu

    Other quests

    March 13, 2013 by Tsukakuu

    These are (some) quests (old and new) that have not been added to the quest page (yet). Ill post them here until I can peacefully add them to the page or someone else does just in case anyone forgets about these xD

    Erm, I decided to link comments with some quests Well, comment links are not working. I'll try my best to gather these again.

    1/6: have an icefloe monster. Rewards: 500 . 1

    2/6: ???. Rewards: 250 300

    3/6: have a puff monster. Rewards: 300 2

    4/6: have an aquaveil monster. Rewards: 500 1000

    5/6: have a shadefin monster. Rewards: 200 1

    6/6: have an aquaray monster. Rewards: 800 800

    1/4: have one hybrid of fire, plant, earth and ice elements

    2/4: hatch a frozenflame, frostember, …

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  • Tsukakuu

    Becky's Quests

    January 24, 2013 by Tsukakuu

    Chapter 1.

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  • Tsukakuu

    Valentine's ideas

    January 19, 2013 by Tsukakuu

    My ideas

    Breeding den slot or another den
    Mailbox with a heart on one side
    Bigger cherry blossom trees
    Heart-shaped blobfish
    Heart topiary

    Other people's ideas

    "A new element like a season element and every season is a new monster"
    "Special event to send a monster or egg to another player"
    "Love bird inspired monster"
    "Fire heart monster. Plant hybrid for Valentine's flowers..."
    "Monster couple. More food for our time"
    "Flamingo+cherry blossom monster"
    "A background like sundown with flying hearts instead of clouds."
    "A big Marble Statue of a monster holding a bow and arrow with hearts like Cupid!"
    "Two different monsters that kiss when they are in the same habitat"
    "Couples monster to be born together"
    "(crystal + blue rose) white swan which is a water +…

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