We've released some new features that help make transfers easier for Tiny Monsters.

There is a new feature in Tiny Monsters that will allow you to transfer your game by yourself, instantly. This requires you to have your OLD device still with you, as well as a NEW device. If you have both devices, you can complete the transfer on your end within the next five minutes.

To transfer your game:

1) Update Tiny Monsters on BOTH of your devices to at least version 1.8. You can do this by downloading the latest version in the App Store.

2) Open your game on your old device. Tap "Options", then "Restore Game" to get started. Follow the instructions provided to complete the transfer.

Please note that the in-game Transfer feature only works for Tiny Zoo or Tiny Monsters. If you have other TinyCo games, you'll still need to contact us to transfer those.

***If you do not have your old device*** Please send an in-game support email and provide the following information to get your game transferred:

- Your OLD TinyID from your original game - Please create a NEW TinyID on your new device, and forward that to me as well. You can set up a TinyID by going to Menu->Tiny Social->Profile->Entering a TinyID below the Profile Picture

While TinyIDs are currently not supported in Tiny Monsters, please temporarily download Tiny Zoo or Tiny Village to create one. Once you download either game, tap on Tiny Social and then on the Profile tab. You can create a TinyID there. 

Once we have both of your TinyIDs, we can go ahead and move your game to the new device. Thanks!

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