Hi all just joined,after finding this very helpful looking site. Never used wikis b4 so it's interesting to learn new things. I woke this morning as always I do my morning routine followed straight up by playing my favourite apps Tiny Monsters being the main. I noticed on the quest tab that I had two new and they were the level up social ones. Then I re-read one about bye a pouch of diamonds to get the fire Ruin witch I thought was a bit rich but I wanted it so I did this filled two quests,then I read the new hatch a legendary just so happened I had breed one and it was sitting there waiting to be hatched yet another Quest down. So now I'm up six quests have a leggy have some extra Diamonds and then noticed that my next egg was ready to go into the hatching chamber (trying for mountain for another quest) I tap the egg and huh haven't seen that egg b4,so I look it up and it's a Blossom on top of that its a mythic wow there's another quest. So I thought well let's keep going and get that Mountain Monster but that's where my roll ran out looks like another Tree Monster so if anyone has a really good combo for it please let me know. So thanks for the Egg Chart and thanks for having a great resource for my favourite App. Regards Scooter331(<tiny ID)and preferred nick name.

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