I started playing this game on July 21 or 22, 2013, and as of October 9, 2013, I am level 61.  I've picked up some tricks that might help you play the game, especially if you can't play often.

Maximizing Coin Generation

  • Build about 4 Large Fire Habitats and fill them with level 10 Fire Monsters.
  • Save your money to build and max out on Large Earth Habitats.  These have a maximum of 7500 coins.
  • Breed only Fire and Earth monsters, Magma and Cinder, to fill your Earth habitats.  Their coin rates are quite high and they do not take a lot of food to level up to 10.
  • Once you're generating coins at a good rate, you can start diversifying your habitats and monsters.

Leveling Up

  • Farming gives experience points or XP
    • If you play continuously, you can farm the crops that take the least amount of time to grow.  I didn't want to stare at my device the whole time so I farmed Bluff Broccoli and then Toadshrooms.
    • If you play occasionally, farm the crops that take the longest time to grow but would be ready by the time you log back in.  (Common sense)
  • Breeding, feeding and evolving your monsters give XP
  • Building non-decorative items gives you XP
    • Once you hit level 32, build the Small Light Habitat to powerlevel.  It's a bit pricy at 790,000 coins but it really helps get you to level 60 so much faster.  At around level 58-60, it only takes three of these to level up.


  • Limited monsters
    • Unless your fail times are about 15+ hours, try the two base elements (up to 10 times).
    • If the base elements didn't work, try a hybrid plus a base element.  Use the combinations that would give you the least amount of breeding times if you fail.
    • Try to get two of each so you can work on the mythic versions later (for example, a quest to hatch a mythic version of the limited monster).
  • Rare boost weekends
    • This is the best time to go for the Elder, Legendary, Enigma, and mythic monsters.
    • Save the long breeding times for the last day of the boost
      • On the boost weekend ending on 10/21/2013, I bred a mythic Legendary monster on the first try, a mythic Bug on the second try, and an Enigma monster on the third try (using everyone's favorite combo: Bug + Flower).


  • To fit the current total of 143 monsters, you will need 49 habitats, give or take depending on your limited edition habitats:
    • 8 Fire Habitats to hold the 32 fire and fire hybrids
    • 7 Earth Habitats to hold the 27 earth and earth hybrids (non-fire hybrids)
    • 4 Electric Habitats to hold the 14 electric and electric hybrids (non-fire, non-earth hybrids)
    • 3 Water Habitats to hold the 12 water and water hybrids (non-fire, non-earth, non-electric hybrids)
    • 3 Shadow Habitats to hold the 9 shadow and shadow hybrids (non-fire, non-earth, etc.)
    • 6 Plant Habitats to hold the 15 plant and plant hybrids (non-fire, non-earth, etc.)
      • I treated the Joy monsters, Glee, and Jubilee as plant types - not sure if they are hybrids
    • 3 Ice Habitats to hold the 7 ice and ice hybrids (non-fire, non-earth, etc.)
      • I treated the Gift and Adult Gift 1 as ice types
    • 1 Air Habitat to hold 3 air and air hybrids (non-fire, non-earth, etc.)
    • 1 Light Habitat to hold the Light Monster
    • 1 Elder Habitat to hold the Elder Monster
    • 5 Legacy Habitats to hold the 14 Elder and Legacy Monsters and their sprees
      • Or, 3 Legacy Habitats and 1 Sacred Habitat
      • Or, move the Elder Earth and Elder Plant around to the normal habitats
    • Social Island holds the 8 Social Monsters
  • Working within the limits of the 33 maximum and the Hall of Champions:
    • 94 monsters will fit in 25 habitats consisting of
      • 8 Fire Habitats
      • 7 Earth Habitats
      • 4 Electric Habitats
      • 3 Water Habitats
      • 3 Shadow Habitats
    • 1 Plant Habitat to hold 3 monsters
    • 1 Ice Habitat to hold 3 monsters
    • 1 Air Habitat to hold 3 air and air hybrids monsters
    • 1 Light Habitat to hold the Light Monster and two plant-light or ice-light hybrids
    • 2 Plant/Ice/Air/Light Habitats to hold 6 monsters
    • 1 Elder Habitat to hold the Elder Monster
    • 1 Legacy or Sacred Habitat to hold 3 or 5 monsters
    • Social Island holds the 8 Social Monsters
    • The Hall of Champions to hold 17-19 monsters

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