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    Various Tips

    October 8, 2013 by RockyRoadIC

    I started playing this game on July 21 or 22, 2013, and as of October 9, 2013, I am level 61.  I've picked up some tricks that might help you play the game, especially if you can't play often.

    Maximizing Coin Generation

    • Build about 4 Large Fire Habitats and fill them with level 10 Fire Monsters.
    • Save your money to build and max out on Large Earth Habitats.  These have a maximum of 7500 coins.
    • Breed only Fire and Earth monsters, Magma and Cinder, to fill your Earth habitats.  Their coin rates are quite high and they do not take a lot of food to level up to 10.
    • Once you're generating coins at a good rate, you can start diversifying your habitats and monsters.

    Leveling Up

    • Farming gives experience points or XP
      • If you play continuously, you can farm th…

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  • RockyRoadIC

    This tip page is meant to help prepare you for the Elder Quest.  I've listed the time-consuming tasks and monsters that need some time to complete so that you can start breeding and raising the required monsters before you even get the quests.

    I've taken the information from another user's blog and summarized them here.  For a complete list of steps, see this page and the comments on it.

    Raising adult and level 10 hybrid monsters

    • If you don't have a lot of food, then use the Leveling Efficiency page to determine which hybrids use the least amount to get them to adulthood or level 10.

    Non-Monster Related Tasks

    • Unlock the 5th mountaintop expansion
      • Chapter 2, step 2
    • Build the Elder Basin & Habitat, Chapter 3, steps 7 & 8
      • You will need to complete the…

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