This is part of a series of articles looking at how to maximize overal Icon coin income so that you can buy all the cool upgrades and decorations you want!

  • Normal Monsters: Best-in-Class for Fire, Earth, Plant, Ice, Electric
  • Special Monsters: Best-in-Class for Special, Water, Air, Shadow, Light
  • End-Game Income: Taking Habitats into Consideration
  • My Conclusion: Who wins at the end of the day?

'Normal' Monsters

This article pulls data points from the various monster pages and trys to determine the highest earners for each habitat. This becomes complex for the earlier habitats of Fire, Earth, Plant, Ice and Electric because better options often become available as a new element is unlocked.

Below each section is the raw data (hidden for convenience). Most of the data is copied directly from their individual Wiki pages (which might be convenient if you want to look at them side-by-side like I did). The only calculated field is Icon food/Icon coin which is actually:

  • Total Icon food / (MaxIcon coin - MinIcon coin) - basically the average amount of food to raise coin output of that particular monster (the lower the better).

Fire Monsters

Visual Guide
Lvl 1Monster firelion baby81Icon coin
Lvl 7Monster flowermonster tn 1@2x95Icon coin
Lvl 10Flare Thumb101Icon coin
Lvl 14Spitfire Thumb129Icon coin
Lvl 26Embershade Thumb129Icon coin
Lvl 18Monster independencemonster baby144Icon coin
Lvl 32Monster sphinxmonster tn 1 v2@2x168Icon coin

Probably one of the best monsters from an income standpoint, Fire Monster genetics ring true through all the hybrids, providing many of the other elements with a much-needed income boost.

  • Level 1: A Fire Monster at 81Icon coin per minute is foisted on you, but really it's a good investment. Further ones can be purchased for 50 coins, though you'll probably want to buy a second habitat for 500 coins if you go that route.
  • Level 7: Flower Monster at 95Icon coin is the best choice. Cinder Monster is comparable and will actually be your main staple for Earth Habitats, but the cost in food is 4x higher and may be hard to breed, as it's not visible in the market until level 10.
    • Note: Technically purchasable at level 4, this guide assumes you have better things to do with your real-life money then to buy diamons!
  • Level 9+: Highly recommend converting to a Large Fire Habitat to take advantage of the highIcon coin per minute rates for fire monsters in general.
  • Level 10: Flare Monster at 101Icon coin per minute. Strike Monster, the other possibility for Electric/Fire combo, isn't bad either at 94Icon coin per minute.
    • Note: Firelegacy Monster at 110Icon coin would actually be better once you hit lvl 12, but likely by the time you get it, you'll be level 14...
  • Level 14: Spitfire Monster at 129Icon coin per minute is a clear winner. Burst Monster, the breeding alternative breaks even again at 94Icon coin per minute. Being opposing elements, both are rather hard to breed, so keep this in mind!
  • Level 18: Independence Monster at 144Icon coin per minute tops Spitfire significantly - but good luck getting it. The Fire/Air monsters added at this point are inferior to Spitfire at 116Icon coin (Flamegust Monster) and 115Icon coin (Inferno Monster) and both take longer to hatch.
  • Level 26: You can supplement your Spitfire with an Embershade Monster at 129Icon coin at this point and should be easier to breed, assuming you have a Shadow Monster and the Habitat. They take half the time to incubate at 9h vs. 18h for a Spitfire but also require 5x more food to get up to speed.
  • Level 32+: The final winner is of course a Sun Monster at 168Icon coin per minute. It should also be noted that they are incredibly fast to reproduce at 3h for incubation! The truely limiting factor will be food for this creature.

Earth Monsters

Visual Guide
Lvl 2Monster earthmonster tn 1@2x30Icon coin
Lvl 7Magma Thumb58Icon coin
Lvl 7Cinder Thumb94Icon coin

Significantly less complicated then the Fire Monsters, Earth Monsters (and particularly their Habitat) allow you to add variety to your play-style and maybe not monitor the game quite so closely.

  • Level 2: Earth Monster at 30Icon coin per minute your only option at this point, but even at that rate he'll fill up the Earth Habitat in a little over 30 minutes (or ~1 hr at lvl 4) which allows you to get a decent income without babysitting the game.
  • Level 7: Cinder Monster at 94Icon coin per minute is actually the best monster you can get for the Earth Habitat. If you end up with a Magma Monster instead, it is still twice as productive as the basic Earth Monster and I personally had success in breeding a Magma Monster with a Fire Monster in order to get my own Cinder Monster.
    • If you have problems breeding a Cinder Monster check the comments at the bottom of it's page for more ideas. The monster itself is not purchasable from the market until Level 10, so I am unsure how that influences breeding.

Plant Monsters

Visual Guide
Lvl 4Monster plantmonster tn 1@2x66Icon coin
Lvl 7Monster mantismonster tn 1@2x80Icon coin
Lvl 7Monster flowermonster tn 1@2x95Icon coin
Lvl 32Monster lushleafmonster baby113Icon coin

Plant Monsters are a good half-way-point between the extremes of a Fire Monster with high income but low cap and Earth Monster with high cap but low income.

  • Level 4: Plant Monster at 66Icon coin per minute is nothing to scoff at, especially early in the game.
  • Level 7: Flower Monster at 95Icon coin per minute is your ideal monster for quite a while on this Habitat. Their genetic counterpart, Bug Monster is also a significant improvement from the basic Plant Monster.
  • Level 32: Lushleaf Monster at 113Icon coin per minute is the ultimate earner for this habitat, though it'll be a good while before you can get your hands on a Light Monster in order to produce one. It also requires significantly more food to get up to speed for only a 20% increase so it may be more cost-effective to just keep your Flower Monsters.

Ice Monsters

Visual Guide
Lvl 6Monster icemonster tn 1@2x30Icon coin
Lvl 7Frostember Thumb58Icon coin
Lvl 7Frozenflame Thumb87Icon coin
Lvl 32Aurora Thumb113Icon coin

Ice Monsters are incredibly slow producers by nature - and that nature works against creating some of the hybrids that would resolve that issue.

  • Level 6: Ice Monster at 30Icon coin per minute is comparable to the Earth Monster in earnings... but more expensive. Nonetheless, their habitat holds more coins (at least initially) and so they're still a decent investment, especially if you want one of the ice-based hybrids.
  • Level 7: Frozenflame Monster at 87Icon coin per minute is a significant improvement from the default - but will require significant finagling to produce! The elemenal equivalent, Frostember Monster is also an improvement, so don't get discouraged.
  • Level 32: Aurora Monster at 94Icon coin per minute is the highest earner, but much like the Lushleaf Monster this one is incredibly expensive to feed and so you might decide against mass-producing these.

Electric Monsters

Visual Guide
Lvl 10Strike Thumb94Icon coin
Lvl 10Flare Thumb101Icon coin
Lvl 18Tailwind Thumb101Icon coin
Lvl 32Monster flashmonster baby132Icon coin

Electric Monsters are in some ways comparable to the fire monsters in coin production - and the combination of the two is very effective indeed. Considering how expensive things get, however, I'm actually surprised that these guys give Fire Monsters so little run for their money.

  • Level 10: Flare Monster at 101Icon coin per minute this what you're first going to aim for, once you can afford the habitat and an Electric Monster. They seemed to the less rare of the two Fire-Electric combos, though Strike Monster is still a good addition to the habitat.
  • Level 18: Tailwind Monster at 101Icon coin per minute actually ties with Flare Monster and costs more to feed, but is otherwise a good way to add variety without sacrificing income.
  • Level 32: Flash Monster at 132Icon coin is a significant improvement - enough so that you might be able to ignore the food costs! If you've already got everything else maxed out, this is a very good investment.

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