I've been crunching numbers as in-depth as possible, taking into account every possibility - from the Frost Monster and Snowbluff Monster at 22Icon coin/min to the Sun Monster at 168Icon coin/min. I've even taken into consideration the max number of monsters in a habitat, the max coins each habitat can retain, and until they finally updated the Andriod version of the game to allow expansion - I was tempted to consider size as a factor as well!

This is part of a series of articles looking at how to maximize overal Icon coin income so that you can buy all the cool upgrades and decorations you want!

  • Normal Monsters: Best-in-Class for Fire, Earth, Plant, Ice, Electric
  • Special Monsters: Best-in-Class for Special, Water, Air, Shadow, Light
  • End-Game Income: Taking Habitats into Consideration
  • My Conclusion: Who wins at the end of the day?

One Last Chart

Now, technically there could be some other winners. If you look at my last article, there are a number of possibilities based on play style. However, the one thing I did *not* take into account throughout all of this was the time and resources necessary to maximize your production.

Habitat PeakIcon coin Hab Level Mon Level Hab Time Mon Time Cost ROI
Habitat 5x5 largefire tn v3@2x 80,640 9 32 10 3 40,000 0.99
Habitat 5x5 largeelectric tn v3@2x 63,360 19 32 28 6 170,000.00 5.37
Habitat 5x5 largewater tn v3@2x 61,920 25 14 44 18 1,700,000 54.91
Habitat 5x5 largeair tn v3@2x 51,840 30 18 48 5 2,500,000 96.45
Habitat 6x6 largeearth tn v3@2x 45,120 15 7 16 13 200,000 8.87
Habitat 4x4 largeplant tn v3@2x 40,680 13 32 14 7 130,000 6.39
Habitat 4x4 smalllight tn@2x 40,320 32 32 31 3 790,000 39.19
Habitat 6x6 largeice tn v3@2x 33,840 17 32 18 9 270,000 15.96
Habitat 4x4 smallshadow tn@2x 30,960 26 26 47 9 730,000 47.16
Habitat 3x3 special tn@2x 26,640 12 12 47 34 580,000 43.54

And the winner is...

Cinder Monster in a Large Earth Habitat

Cinder ThumbHabitat 6x6 largeearth tn v3@2x

Now, I'll admit this has some personal bias to it - mostly towards my typical gameplay of checking every 5-20 minutes... but I have some very valid reasons for endorsing this winner:

  1. Level Requirements: You can breed Cinder Monster from the day you get a Breeding Den. The whole point of increasing your Icon coin income is to access later buildings - so having a top-earner you can't access until you've already invested a significant sum makes no sense!
  2. Low Investment: Similarly, at 200,000Icon coin, the habitat isn't cheap - but it's feasible. Certainly more reasonable then Water or Air habitats - and those are the only other ones with nearly-comparable earnings.
  3. Food Costs: Cinder Monster has one of the lowest end-goal food requirements at 8,260.
  4. ROI: Finally, with a fully-stocked Large Earth Habitat, you could recover the cost for said construction in just under 9 hours!

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