Hello everyone. My name is Brittany. I just joined this site so I am getting used to soo many things. Lets talk about me:

I am a 17 year old Canadian girl. I love playing on my iphone, designing things, drawing, traveling and cute animals :3 I also like chatting with peoples so hi lets talk xD Anyways, There is 2 games I enjoy: Dragonvale and Tiny M

A legendary Monster made by me ^^ Base used is not mine. Credits go to owner of the original base:

onsters! Both are fun and very cute and great games!

I really dont know if I will be active on here so contact me on skype: rainbowx1994 or my youtube: nintendofan1223.

Thanks and have a great day ^-^

P.S. Gem4Gem: summerlover1994

P.P.S: Bronies and Pegasisters 4LIFE <3 And my favourite pony is Fluttershy :3

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