Here is a TinyMonsters blog I created where you can post your own strategies on how you think is the best way to earn coins, diamonds , and food and the best for each will be saved on the blog after I see them all. Remember, it could always change so keep trying on this one if you don't win, and you can always try on a different topic! Top replys willl get be recognized in the Credits section.


In the beginning, buy the second least expensive food in the game after the guest is finished.

Here's one I use in both dragonvale and tiny monsters: When you are low on coins but you have more habitats you can buy, purchase one of the inexpensive habitats that hold a lot of cash and fill it with the most basic monster you can. You make your money back fairly fast. It really helps sometimes. It also helps to level the monsters a little. I wouldn't go further than level 4 because then it's just a waste of food. This is also really helpful when you can't get on very often because the money has longer to build up. It's a very cheap way to get more cash, though it does take some time.


In the beginning, do not use any diamonds.


In the beginning, go and make your first monster into a teenager.

In the beginning, buy the second least expensive food in the game after the guest is finished.


There are a number of quests where you have to breed a certain number of times to complete the quest. (I think it goes something like breed 5 times, breed 10 times, breed 25 times, breed 50 times). Here's a tip for that: Just breed fire monsters. They only take a few seconds to breed.


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