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  • Morph22


    October 29, 2013 by Morph22

    Writing this on my blog page as I'm a bit cross!

    In the next few days TinyCo are expecting us to:-

    Evolve a Phantom,

    Breed 3 ghost monsters,

    Complete a Trick or Treat Quest,

    'Magic up' 399 diamonds to pay for a habitat upgrade,

    And now breed a brand new Air Witch monster!

    I absolutely love this game but this is madness. Especially as most players can't even get into their games or are experiencing crashes and freezing.

    I understand that TinyCo is a company and they need to earn a revenue. The best way to do this is to have players pay real money for diamonds, which I assume they do more readily when trying to achieve limited monsters, but this all a bit much all at once!

    (Ok so they've now reduced habitat upgrade to 'only' 69 diamonds)

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  • Morph22

    Social gifting.

    September 15, 2013 by Morph22

    I have noticed lately that people are getting all obsessed with who gifts them on the social island...

    Guys I think you are all taking this way too seriously!

    A lot of people simply can't gift at the moment as their game is down, mine for example, crashed for a fortnight. Some players, such as Maximum Ride Nudge and PennyKt (on her ipad) haven't been able to play since the last update, months ago.

    Also many players are finding their game shuts down as soon as they try to use the social aspect of the game...

    So maybe it's time to lighten up, realise its not these people's fault and simply be grateful, as I am, for the gifts you do receive...

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