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  • I live in in a friendly sheep collective
  • My occupation is Sheep Support Companion
  • I am female
  • Mooroo7

    Breeding Log

    August 5, 2012 by Mooroo7

    Breeding experience of my human and I, particularly of hybrid-hybrid combinations. It is not exhaustive but thought it might be useful.

    Will categorize outcome monsters according to primary element. ie: burst is a fire hybrid but spitfire is a water hybrid. Breeding will be listed in order bred. i.e. fire plus earth means fire was in first spot and earth in second spot. Mythic in parentheses after breeding pair means outcome was mythic.

    Fire Hybrids

    • Flare: Spitfire + Voltleaf; mythic fire + mythic tailwind (mythic)
    • Frozenflame: Embershade + Tundra, Frostember + Fire; aurora + bug
    • Flamegust: bug + flurry (mythic), puff + strike; inferno + fire; air + fire;

    Earth Hybrids

    • Thunder: River + Surge
    • Snowbluff: Aurora + Cinder; mythic magma + Icefloe; tundra …
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