• Mejustsean

    Concerning crashes

    November 18, 2013 by Mejustsean

    Concerning crashes and getting kicked out of the game: I have found a solution which has worked for myself... I have three devices on which I play. Each had upwards of 200 friends...we are supposed to be rewarded for the number of friends we have...right?...wrong. On each device I was ready to quit playing altogether. The glitches, especially in feeds, were more frustrating than the game was fun. However, when I cut my friends down to less than 50 each device, no more problems. I cut them to just the ones I knew would regift, I kept a few who were higher levels so I could use their social monsters in breeding. I found no more problems after cutting my list down in number. Then I gradually started to add back friends again...ran int…

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