OK, this has been something I've always been intersested in:

when monsters turn into adults, they willl sometimes show off to other monsters with tricks:

Fire: Jumps, lights itself on fire and breathes out a large fireball

Earth: stands on its hind legs, jugggles and eats three rocks which it gets from inside itself.

Plant: extends its stem, pulls a toothy grinnning face and then retracts its stem

Ice: Shivers and sneezes out snowflakes

Electic: Severly shocks itself three times in a comic fashion

Water: leaps in the air multiple times

Air: Swirls around upwards, encircling itself in clouds before decending again

Cinder: Flies around using its tail as a rocket, waves at the screen and fallls down again

Magma: throws the fire on the end of its tail in the air, catches it in the air in its mouth, it goes back to the end of the tail and it summmons a ring of fire around itself

Bug: pulls some flaming martial art moves

Flower: turns its petals into a hair style and jumps up and down a few times

Flare: runs, turns into a lightning bolt, crashes back go earth and turns back

Tree: sends its leaves swirling in the air before they fall back into place

Mountain: blasts its head out of the top of the mountain, and then catches it on its neck

Silk: creates a pile of snow, rolls into it and gets up dizzy

Icefloe: creates a big ice slide and slides down it

Frost: throws a snowball in the air, but it lands in its head

Voltleaf: extends its body, catches its tail in its mouth, which sends a shock running through its body

Sporespark: shocks itself in the air, using its cap as a parachute to float back down

Post any others you see below!

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