These are just ideas but I think it would pretty cool if Tinyco used them. Click on the title link if you can't see the awful drawings.

Shadow Hybrids:

Murky: Water & Shadow. A huge dark-skinned whale type creature. OR A Dark Newt

Black Ice?: Shadow & Ice. Not sure about the name but this could be lemming.

Coal: Shadow & Earth. A hedgehog.

Metal Hybrids:

(TD98 came up with the metal element. Go to his ideas page to see it and other amazing
Gold monster
drawings!) Machine:
Machine monster

Metal and Electric. A robot.

Gold: Metal and Light. A giraffe.

Gem Monsters

Rather than evolving into a Legacy Monster at Level 9, Legendary Monsters evolve into Gem Monsters. Rather than giving of coins though, these monsters would produce diamonds, albeit at a very slow rate. Certain combinations of Gem Monsters in their habitats would give off a greater diamond yield. Here are the Gem Monsters:

Element Name Animal
Fire Ruby Red Panda
Stone ? Wombat
Plant Emerald Acorn
Ice Pearl Polar Bear
Electric Garnet Wasp
Water Sapphire Angel Fish
Air ? Flamingo
Shadow Onyx Badger
Light ? Camel

If you have any ideas what the missing ones could be, please leave a message.

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