aka Dragoni

  • I live in the Johto Region
  • My occupation is keeping my trainer safe from Team Rocket.
  • I am level 100
  • Dragonite23

    If we continue to buy what Tinyco is selling, the prices will skyrocket and we'll all be broke because of Tiny Monsters. Even if I'm exaggerating, I suggest we all stop buying from Tinyco. If anyone has a suggested time, please tell me. Eventually, Tinyco will lower its prices and we will be able to buy diamonds/food/coins.

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  • Dragonite23

    Hybrid Ideas

    June 25, 2012 by Dragonite23

    I have been sketching some hybrid ideas today. One of my ideas was called the Sunbeam Monster. It is an Air/Light hybrid. I think that this would be a cool addition to Tiny Monsters!

    Below, you can look at the sketches I made of Sunbeam. (Egg, Baby, Teen, Adult.)

    I have come up with another hybrid! The Shadowshimmer monster is a Shadow and Light hybrid. I've only got the baby so far, but here it is! Enjoy!

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