• Coinfrog19


    April 18, 2012 by Coinfrog19

    I've recently experienced a great deal of lag. Has anyone else seen this?

    Not sure if it is a problem with my device (while it is oldish and has a few issues, it runs other games fine)

    With the game/server (it's still new and I read that some people were having a few problems)

    Or with my having too much stuff going on.. (the more I play, the more I accumulate, and the more little animations there are all over the place. Seems like I've overdone it and it just can't keep up..)

    [I'm level 16 with max habitats, max monsters per habitat, and have something in progress in every aspect of the game]

    Anybody else have lag? or know of any potential solutions? (I've tried restarting the game, and the phone, but haven't uninstalled/reinstalled)

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  • Coinfrog19


    April 18, 2012 by Coinfrog19


    This should be THE comprehensive Tiny Monster resource! If more people used this site instead of the handful of ragtag ones without much info, then it'll get even better.

    How do you edit the main navagation bar? I imagine it has to be an admin or something. I just wanted to make it a little easier to see different pages... like there isn't a 'buildings' link among other things

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