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Cahill Cometstar

aka ケーヒル

  • I live in an alternate universe
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is animating, drawing, gaming, translating random things into Japanese
  • I am non-existant
  • Cahill Cometstar

    Very Strange Indeed

    November 26, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    I was breeding today, hoping for Gratitude/Harvest/Autumn with Gratitude/Luck. First time was 18 hours, sped up, first Shadow Monster. Next time, I received a 26-hour time after same combo, as well as a Mythic notification. I checked the breeding times, and the only monsters that could get that time were Air hybrids... Very weird....

    I had gotten a Mythic Air monster, which means another Mythic Air monster.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    Breeding Log!

    October 20, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    I am starting a new breeding log, so stay tuned! I will create a link to an archived breeding log...

    • Oct. 20, 2013: Earthquake x Earth: FINALLY got a Grimbolt after trying for one for days! All I got were Earthquakes! 9 hour breeding time.
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  • Cahill Cometstar


    September 27, 2013 by Cahill Cometstar

    You know how breeding chances are increased this weekend for the Legendary Monster? I bred Flower x Bug, like you're supposed to. First try was a Plant. I spent 1 gem on that. Then next... "This egg hatches in 1 day 10 hours. Would you like to spend 34 gems?" 34 hours is the breeding time of a Legendary... Yes! I already have/had an Enigma (it turned into a Gift monster, which is now a regular adult. Weird, my Frozenflame turned out that way too....). There's room left in the habitat. =D

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    These involve the names. I used a Friendship Monster as an example.

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    Did you see the new Solstice Monster? I have seen the QUESTS, but not the MONSTER. I believe it's of Fire and Light elements. AHA! My recent new element is Air (I have one, a nice li'l teen mythic), but not LIGHT. Light will come in a long time from now. (Correction, it was Special, for my new element. I have a Special habitat and a cute little Enigma monster.) This is unfair. =_=

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