What would YOU like to see in tiny monsters?

More monsters? more goals? anything you want can be added here! if we are lucky, tinyco might even visit here and take our ideas! how cool would that be?! awesome right? so lets get started!

James 2000

The ability to name your monsters, and a higher cap on the money earned in habitats. its too low right now


Maybe more intervals for food times and have the monsters require less food to level up.


All i want right now is the ability to start from scratch again so i can verify some of the info on this wiki. - Hartmana


I would like to be able to name my monsters myself, instead of the automatic name picker - Bluemadness


The first thing i would like to see is a username and password registration. second i want the ability to add friends to a friends list, and i would like to be able to give a diamond to up to 6 different friends every day, i would also like to be able to visit other people's parks and find 3-5 "presents" (silver coins) in each of your friends habitats, the amount of silver coins depends on your level.

Online saving so i can sign in on another idevice and check my park.

- Anvil555

Wikia contributers

I love dragonvale, that is why i love this game. i'd like to see a colosseum, unless there is one, also, i would like to see holiday monsters and visitors, bot to seperate the visitors from tiny monsters and from dragonvale, the visitors can earn you money by paying to enter the park, to buy food, drinks, and even souveniers from stores set up.

- A wikia contributer

I wanna see limited monsters like dragonvale has limited dragons

- A wikia contributer

I'd like to be able to name my monsters and have them need less food to evolve

- a wikia contributor


I'd like to be able to add friends through gamecenter.

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