Umbrage Baby

Normal: Baby - Teen - Adult - Egg
Mythic: Baby - Teen - Adult - Egg

Unlocked Level 4
Sells For 400 Icon coin
Breed/Hatch Time 12 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 4 Diamond
XP Gained 600 XP Logo


Perhaps because they are only sighted as All Hallow's Eve approaches, it could be assumed that the common associations between the Halloween and spiders are are a result of the magnificent Umbrage Monster. Because it camouflages itself amongst the plants *so* well, though, the Umbrage may very well be afoot at anytime of the year. In fact, there might be one on your shoe right now.

Purchase Cost Habitat(s)
Element Plant Element Fire

Game Generated Names
This is a list of the randomly generated names that the game give all new monster. You can change the name if desired. Please see this page for more information.
Ares Ash Blazer Bloomer
Burnout Comet Cosmo Daisy
Fields Flare Flicker Forest
Funky Garden Kale Leafy
Mossy Pollen Pyro Rusty
Smokey Spice Spitfire Sunspot
Thorny Torchy Weeds Woody

Breeding Information
Building 5x5 breedingcave tn@2x
The Umbrage Monster can be purchased for Diamond or bred by using Plant and Fire elements. Hybrids may be needed for successful breeding. See the chart below for some suggested combos.
Suggested Combos
Monsters Used Successful Hatches
Elder Plant Monster Hallow Monster 1
Fire Monster Plant Monster 2
Bug Monster Mountain Monster 1
Hallow Monster (Bellows) Plant Monster 1
Mythic Information
Although hatching a mythic version of the Umbrage Monster is random, your best chance to get one is to breed 2 Umbrage Monster's together. You must have the Mythic Cave on your island in order to get a mythic. You can also use boost to better your chances.

Update If you used one of these combos, please +1 to the Successful Hatches column. If your combo is not here, please add it accordingly and put a 1 in the Successful Hatches column.

Update If you do add, please only increase the number for that combo by 1. The Successful Hatches column goes by per-person, not per-instance.

Update Instead of social combo adding, please increase the main element combo.

Monster Evolution
Building 4x4 evolutionlab tn@2x
There are 2 stages in which Umbrage Monster will evolve. Before you can reach Level 5, you must evolve your monster from a baby to a teen. The second stage is before reaching level 8 and evolves your monster from a teen to an adult. To evolve your monster you need to place it in the Dream Room. Below is how long it takes the Umbrage Monster to evolve from each stage and the quick finish cost.
Evolve Time Quick Finish Cost
Baby to Teen 3 Hours 3 Diamond
Teen to Adult 15 Hours 15 Diamond

Food Costs per Level
Baby Teen Adult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Food per Feeding 10 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 MAX
Total per Level 40 100 140 180 220 260 300 340 380 MAX
Totals 460 Icon food 780 Icon food 720 Icon food
Icon food Needed for Max. Level 1,960 Icon food

Earning Rates
Baby Teen Adult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Normal 11 19 26 33 41 48 56 64 71 80
Mythic 11 19 27 34 43 50 58 67 74 84


  • The Umbrage Monster was introduced on October 22, 2014, as part of Game Update 2.4.2.

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