Umbrage Den
Habitat 3x3 UmbrageNest@2x Unlocked Level 6
Cost 5,500,000 Icon coin
Sells For 550,000 Icon coin
Build Time 35 Hours
Size 3x3
Capacity 2 Monsters/1000 Icon coin
Large Upgrade Cost: 7,500,000 Icon coin
Capacity: 3 Monsters
Capacity: 2,200 Icon coin
Uber Upgrade Cost: 60 Diamond
Capacity: 5 Monsters
Capacity: 3,000 Icon coin


First discovered by noted Monstar Scholar and Arachnologist Thaddeus P. Weatherbottom, the fabled Umbrage Den is a delightfully spooky addition to any Monster Mountain, provided of course that you're not afraid of Umbrage Monsters or other eight-legged relatives.


  • The Umbrage Den Habitat was introduced on October 22, 2014 as part of Update 2.4.1.

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