Currently Expired Monster
Currently the Star Monster is expired and can no longer be bought from the market or bred using normal means (i.e. using 2 different monsters).

The ONLY way to get another one is to breed 2 Star Monsters together.

Star Monster
Star Baby

Normal: Baby - Teen - Adult - Egg
Mythic: Baby - Teen - Adult - Egg

Unlocked Level 6
Sells For 1,000 Icon coin
Breed/Hatch Time 10 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 10 Diamond
XP Gained 2,430 XP Logo


The Star Monster is a special creature, occasionally seen blazing across the skyline on hot summer nights. Keep an eye on its flightpath, though; Stars are known for their speed, but their landings are anything but graceful

Purchase Cost Habitat(s)
Element Electric Element Fire

Game Generated Names
This is a list of the randomly generated names that the game give all new monster. You can change the name if desired. Please see this page for more information.

Breeding Information
Building 5x5 breedingcave tn@2x
The Star Monster can be purchased for Diamond or bred by using Electric and Fire elements in the Breeding Den. Hybrids may be needed for successful breeding. Also see the comment section below for some suggested combos.
Mythic Information
Although hatching a mythic version of the Star Monster is random, your best chance to get one is to breed 2 Star Monster's together. You must have the Mythic Cave on your island in order to get a mythic. You can also use boost to better your chances.

Monster Evolution
Building 4x4 evolutionlab tn@2x
There are 2 stages in which Star Monster will evolve. Before you can reach Level 5, you must evolve your monster from a baby to a teen. The second stage is before reaching level 8 and evolves your monster from a teen to an adult. To evolve your monster you need to place it in the Dream Room. Below is how long it takes the Star Monster to evolve from each stage and the quick finish cost.
Evolve Time Quick Finish Cost
Baby to Teen  ? Seconds/Minutes/Hours  ? Diamond
Teen to Adult  ? Seconds/Minutes/Hours  ? Diamond

Food Costs per Level
Baby Teen Adult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Food per Feeding MAX
Total per Level MAX
Totals ' Icon food ' Icon food ' Icon food
Icon food Needed for Max. Level ' Icon food

Earning Rates
Baby Teen Adult
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


  • The Star Monster was introduced on July 1, 2014, as part of Game Update #.#.#.
  • The Star Monster is the only monster that is not designed after an animal, besides the Eclipse Monster.