Giving Tree
Social Island Unlocked Level 40
Cost 3,110,625 Icon coin
Build Time 20 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 20 Diamond
XP Gained 72,000 XP Logo
Capacity 8 Social Monsters / 1,000 Icon acorn


Ancient children's tales tell of a magical tree, whose toots ran deep enough to support an island. Legend tells that all opposites come into balance with the presence of a Giving Tree: life and death, light and dark, rain and sunshine, all meld into one peaceful balance under the tree's nourishing foliage. It is only in the shadow os a Giving Tree that Friendship and Unity Monsters can be hatched and evolved.

Social Food Collection

Clicking on your tree when it has the heart icon over it allows you to collect Icon acorn, XP Logo, Icon coin, Icon food and occasionally Diamond. This collection can occur once every 30 minutes, as long as 2 of your friends have visited and clicked on your tree. If less than 2 have helped you, the collection will be delayed until that minimum is reached. The table below shows how much Icon acorn you get per collection. Do note that the level mentioned is your Social Level. Also keep in mind that with the latest game update, you can now earn more Icon acorn with higher Social Level, starting at 12. You will not get any gifts past the 2 needed to collect if anyone gifts you while your tree is already full. You can tell if a friends tree is already full if it is sparkly.

Levels 1-20 Levels 21-40 Levels 41-70 Levels 70-100
20 Icon acorn 24 Icon acorn 28 Icon acorn 30 Icon acorn

Giving Tree Stages
Habitat 5x5 dragon tree stage1@2x Habitat 5x5 dragon tree stage2@2x Habitat 5x5 dragon tree3@2x
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3

Social Breeding Den
Building 3x3 elderbreedingcave tn@2x Unlocked After unlocking Social Island
Sells For Cannot be Sold
Build Time Instant
Quick Finish Cost Instant
XP Gained N/A
Size 3x3
Max. Slots 1


This ancient structure has long been a source of mystery. Only with recent discoveries by Becky have we come to understand its true purpose, to breed Social Monsters. While breeding two Social Monsters will often produce a standard hybrid, it is also possible to hatch a brand new Social Monsters.

Social Monsters

Friendship Monster

Friendshipdragon-egg Friendship Thumb
  • Eats 'social snacks' (supposedly are acorns but look more like pork buns) to level up
  • Requires a certain number of friends in your list for each evolution stage
  • Evolves into Electric, Ice, or Water variants
Unity Monster

Unitydragon-egg Unity Thumb
  • Eats 'social snacks' (supposedly are acorns but look more like pork buns) to level up
  • To hatch the Unity monster: no referrals!
  • To evolve the Unity monster to a teen: 1 referral
  • To spree the Unity monster: 2 (additional) referrals
    • This means to get a fully grown adult Unity monster, you will still need 3 total referrals, but now everyone can have the baby Unity monster with no referrals or Diamond!
  • Evolves into Earth, Fire, or Plant variants

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I find the island? I can't see it!!
The island is unlocked at level 6 and is immediately to the right of the main island. If there is a big cloud over it, click the cloud to remove it.
  • Important Note: The Social Island, monsters, breeding, and quests are only limited to iOS and Android users right now. Kindle Fire players have not yet received the Social Element yet.

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