Shadow Monsters
  • Shadow
    Shadow Thumb
  • Aquaveil
    Aquaveil Thumb
  • Blackice
    Blackice Thumb
  • Brimstone
    Brimstone Thumb
  • Darkbolt
    Darkbolt Thumb
  • Darkscale
    Darkscale Thumb
  • Dimspike
    Dimspike Thumb
  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Thumb
  • Eeriewood
    Eeriewood Thumb
  • Embershade
    Embershade Thumb
  • Flicker
    Flicker Thumb
  • Lighthorn
    Lighthorn Thumb
  • Nightfall
    Nightfall Thumb
  • Quetzalcoatl
    Quetzalcoatl Thumb
  • Shadefin
    Shadefin Thumb
  • Slumber
    Slumber Thumb
  • Sonar
    Sonar Thumb
  • Spectral Brimstone
    Spectral Brimstone Thumb



Monster Groups
Air Monsters Earth Monsters Elder Monsters Electric Monsters Fire Monsters
Ice Monsters Light Monsters Plant Monsters Shadow Monsters Social Monsters
Special Monsters Water Monsters

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