Premium Farm
Building 3x3 uberfarm@2x Unlocked Level 23
Sells For  ?
Build Time 46 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 46 Diamond
XP Gained 63,721 XP Logo
Size 3x3


Nothing can please your monsters anymore? Fear not! The finest foods in all of monsterdom await behind the doors of FARM LEVEL 3!

Purchase Cost
55 / 275

Additional Slots
Level # of Farms Level # of Farms Level # of Farms
Level 1 1 Farm Level 13 5 Farms Level 28 9 Farms
Level 2 2 Farms Level 17 6 Farms Level 31 10 Farms
Level 5 3 Farms Level 23 7 Farms Level 34 11 Farms
Level 9 4 Farms Level 25 8 Farms

Food Production
Type Food Time Cost XP Gained Icon food/Hour XP Logo/Hour
Food cloudberries tn@2x Premium Berries Lv3 40 Icon food 1m 90 Icon coin 50 XP Logo 2,400 Icon food 3,000 XP Logo
Food bluffbroccoli tn@2x Premium Broccoli Lv3 385 Icon food 30m 180 Icon coin 220 XP Logo 770 Icon food 440 XP Logo
Food babybananas tn@2x Premium Bananas Lv3 550 Icon food 3h 30m 810 Icon coin 190 XP Logo 157 Icon food 54 XP Logo
Food nimbusgrapes tn@2x Premium Grapes Lv3 1,200 Icon food 10h 2,250 Icon coin 930 XP Logo 120 Icon food 93 XP Logo
Food mountmelon tn@2x Premium Melons Lv3 1,800 Icon food 16h 4,410 Icon coin 1,200 XP Logo 113 Icon food 75 XP Logo
Food plumppumpkin tn@2x Premium Plumpkins Lv3 2,957 Icon food 1d12h 13,050 Icon coin 1,500 XP Logo 83 Icon food 41 XP Logo


  • The Premium Farm was introduced on January 29, 2014 as an upgrade to the Large Farm


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Building 3x3 largefarm tn@2x Large Farm Building 4x4 mythiccave tn@2x Mythic Cave Building 5x5 nursery tn@2x Nursery
Building 3x3 uberfarm@2x Premium Farm Building 3x3 smallfarm tn@2x Small Farm

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