Small Ice Habitat
Habitat 5x5 ice tn v3@2x Unlocked Level 6
Cost 2,300 Icon coin
Sells For 230 Icon coin
Build Time 1 Hour
Quick Finish Cost 1 Diamond
XP Gained 1,538 XP Logo
Size 5x5
Capacity 2 Monsters / 1,200 Icon coin


Centuries of permafrost led to this terrible tundra and its jagged icicles. Make sure to pack your coats! Visitors will delight at the blindingly beautiful works of art created from reflecting sunlight.

Large Ice Habitat
Habitat 6x6 largeice tn v3@2x Unlocked Level 17
Cost 270,000 Icon coin
Sells For 27,000 Icon coin
Build Time 18 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 18 Diamond
XP Gained 31,978 XP Logo
Size 6x6
Capacity 3 Monsters / 3,400 Icon coin
Uber Upgrade Cost: 2,700,000 Icon coin
Capacity: 4 Monsters
Capacity: 4,000 Icon coin
Ultra Upgrade Cost: 12 Diamond
Capacity: 5 Monsters
Capacity: 4,500 Icon coin


A sudden freezing arctic blast created this habitat - a fresh new glacier of ice, along with an avalanche of snow-strewn landscapes. Discovering a subzero hydosphere wind current, the explorers expanded the habitat and prevented it from melting. Famous sites include the Glacial Palisade and the Snow Capped Creature Cavern.

Giving Habitat
Habitat 6x6 giving tn@2x Unlocked Level 6
Cost 790,000 Icon coin
Sells For 79,000 Icon coin
Build Time 31 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 31 Diamond
XP Gained 133,946 XP Logo
Size 6x6


Get into the spirit of giving with this beautiful habitat for your Ice and Ice Hybrid monsters!

  • This habitat is now expired and can no longer be purchase.
  • This habitat has returned for the 2013 Christmas season and can be purchased for a limited time again.


  • The Small & Large Ice habitats are original habitats from the initial release.
  • The Giving Habitat was introduced on December 20, 2012, as part of Game Update 2.0.1.
  • On March 13, 2014 the Large Ice Habitat received two upgrades, the first for Icon coin and second for Diamond, raising the capacity to 4 and 5 respectively.


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Element Earth
Element Electric
Element Fire
Element Ice
Element Light
Element Plant
Element Shadow
Element Special
Element Water

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