Hall of Champions
Building 4x4 hallofchamps tn@2x Unlocked Level 25
Sells For Cannot be Sold
Build Time 9 Hour
Quick Finish Cost 9 Diamond
XP Gained 481 XP Logo
Size 4x4
Max. Slots 20 Initially
150 from Upgrades


Your monsters are working hard to earn you coins; why not give your seasoned earners a break? Free up space in your habitats when you send your adult monsters to the Hall of Champions, a special retreat with all the monster comforts: Cloudberry buffets, a Mountmelon-lifting gym, and a spa with all the newest Nimbus Grapeseed treatments. Just keep in mind, your vacationing monsters won't generate coins, so fill their habitat spaces with new monsters to keep earning!

Purchase Cost
Icon coin

Additional Slots
Slots iOS Cost Android Cost
+10 Slots (30 Total) 10 / 50 Diamond 50 Diamond
+10 Slots (40 Total) 14 / 70 Diamond 80 Diamond
+20 Slots (60 Total) 44 / 220 Diamond 220 Diamond
+20 Slots (80 Total) 52 / 260 Diamond 260 Diamond
+20 Slots (100 Total) 60 / 300 Diamond 300 Diamond
+20 Slots (120 Total) 60 / 300 Diamond 300 Diamond
+30 Slots (150 Total) 90 / 450 Diamond 450 Diamond


  • The Hall of Champions was introduced on October 11, 2012 as part of Update 1.8.0.
  • Enabled for Android users on December 28, 2012, as part of Update 2.0.1.
  • The Hall of Champions is only suitable for level 10 monsters.


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