Small Electric Habitat
Habitat 3x3 electric tn v3@2x Unlocked Level 9
Cost 50,000 Icon coin
Sells For 5,000 Icon coin
Build Time 13 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 13 Diamond
XP Gained 13,840 XP Logo
Size 3x3
Capacity 2 Monsters / 900 Icon coin


This habitat acts as a gigantic lightning rod, with electricity flowing from creatures and environment alike. Engineering maverick Maxwell attempted to harness it to create a sourse of perpetual energy. Although animals crackle with living lightning, park visitors are perfectly safe - their touch contains fewer sparks than standard static electricity.

Large Electric Habitat
Habitat 5x5 largeelectric tn v3@2x Unlocked Level 19
Cost 170,000 Icon coin
Sells For 17,000 Icon coin
Build Time 28 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 28 Diamond
XP Gained 41,077 XP Logo
Size 5x5
Capacity 4 Monsters / 1,400 Icon coin


Electrical theorist Reginald F. Maxwell tried to prove he could capture lightning in a bottle. Inadvertently he released a current so strong it amped the voltage of the Electric Habitat so much it turned into a triple powered transformer coursing with extra electric shocks and new super charged lightning creatures.

Dusk Habitat

Habitat 3x3 dusk stage1 Unlocked Level 19
Controlling the Dusk (6/7) complete
Cost 2,000,000 Icon coin
Sells For 200,000 Icon coin
Build Time 1 Day 6 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 30 Diamond
XP Gained 100 XP Logo
Size 3x3
Capacity 3 Monster / 2,000 Icon coin


Dark Energy is affecting your Mountain! Contain it, and its associated Monsters, with the Dusk Habitat! Specifically designed to bottle the dark energy to produce coins, this habitat will be your greatest ally in dealing with your Dark Energy problem.

Habitat 3x3 dusk stage2 Unlocked Stage 1 of habitat
Cost 4,000,000 Icon coin
Sells For 400,000 Icon coin
Build Time 1 Day 11 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 35 Diamond
XP Gained 100 XP Logo
Size 3x3
Capacity 4 Monster / 2,500 Icon coin


This Final Stage of the Dusk Habitat is able to hold the Duskfang, Duskhorn, Dusk and Dusklegacy! Place them all here to channel and control the dark energy.

Habitat 3x3 dusk uber Unlocked Stage 2 of habitat
Cost 45 Diamond
Sells For  ? Icon coin
Build Time 1 Day 16 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 40 Diamond
XP Gained 100 XP Logo
Size 4x4
Capacity 5 Monster / 8,000 Icon coin


This larger PREMIUM version of the Dusk Habitat allows 5 inhabitants and earns almost 3X the amount of coins! Possessing this Habitat will increase your chances of hatching monsters touched by the Dusk.


  • The Small & Large Electric habitats are original habitats from the initial release.
  • The Dusk habitat appeared on January 24, 2014, with its two upgrade stages following soon after.


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