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Small Air Habitat
Habitat 3x3 air tn v3@2x Unlocked Level 18
Cost 200,000 Icon coin
Sells For 20,000 Icon coin
Build Time 31 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 31 Diamond
XP Gained 41,077 XP Logo
Size 3x3
Capacity 2 Monsters / 1,700 Icon coin


One of the world's most remote environments, it was only discovered after a Rain Crest Dodo carried off sleeping explorer Phineas Alexander. Isolated above the clouds, Air Habitats are accessible only via gliders and specially designed ladders.

Large Air Habitat
Habitat 5x5 largeair tn v3@2x Unlocked Level 30
Cost 2,500,000 Icon coin
Sells For 250,000 Icon coin
Build Time 44 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 44 Diamond
XP Gained 171,519 XP Logo
Size 5x5
Capacity 3 Monsters / 2,600 Icon coin

Cost: 7,50,000 Icon coin
Capacity: 4 Monsters
Capacity: 3,000 Icon coin

Cost: 20 Diamond
Capacity: 5 Monsters
Capacity: 3,500 Icon coin


Wanting to connect various air habitats, the explorers enlisted the aid of inventor Shelly Augusta Adler. Adler used her mechanical marvels to link several habitats with an interlocking series of bridges and balloon lifts. Visitors can walk out and overlook not only the habitat but also the very Earth itself.


  • The Small & Large Air habitats are original habitats from the initial release.
  • On March 13, 2014 the Large Air Habitat received two upgrades, the first for Icon coin and second for Diamond, raising the capacity to 4 and 5 respectively.


Element Air
Element Earth
Element Electric
Element Fire
Element Ice
Element Light
Element Plant
Element Shadow
Element Special
Element Water

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